Feeling lost in a dark sea of fast changing accounting technologies?

We'll be your lighthouse.

Don’t let the numbers hold your entrepreneurial spirit back.

We take your accounting to the next level, handling your day to day bookkeeping and monthly reports so you don’t have to. By utilizing the best in accounting software and AI technologies, we will provide you with better data and clear actionable insight so that you can focus on your business goals. We will take on the role of an in-house accounting department, from bookkeeping to CFO, for a fraction of the cost.

We Maintain Your Books

Who has time for day to day accounting? We do, but you probably don't. That's why we manage processing all of your debits and credits.

We Handle Your Accounting

Reporting is no fun, but you need to make sure your business is on track. We'll be there to provide statements and reports so you know where you stand.

We Offer Business Insight

Artificial Intelligence for accounting is the next big thing, but not to us. We leverage this new technology with extensive experience to transform your data into actionable insights.

Feedback & Reviews​

What our happy clients have to say:

” Maria showed not only great leadership and commitment, she brought a new level of attention to detail when challenged, which was apparent in her problem-solving skills. It was her entrepreneurial mind set that really enabled her to identify the problem and coming up with valuable solutions for quicker decision making. “

Scott Butler

” Where John and his team absolutely outperformed the rest was the attention to detail and communication; giving us insight from past projects we could learn from to further cement continued success in meeting new challenges. “

Michael Olson

”When buying an existing business, it’s very assuring when a successful formula for good cash flow and great process control has already been put in place. John and Maria did just that for us.“

JP Bhakta

” Maria is an exceptional accountant because she does the work and adds value to process improvements and software integration. Maria contributes expert level knowledge and brings an unsurpassed optimism and energy to any client she works with. “

Kelly Lawrie

We get intimate with your business.

Fortitude² is here to take accounting to the next level by continuously seeking out the latest AI financial technologies and business practices that will let you focus on what you do best. We will get intimate with your business, vision, goals, and values so that we can develop a full understanding of your needs. We will then be able to provide you with an efficient accounting system, business intelligence and financial insight that will give you the clarity to make decision making less stressful. We will filter out the noise and let you focus on your vision. Efficient systems along with clear purposeful decision making and focus will result in a healthier bottom line. As a long term strategic partner, we will be your lighthouse to help you through times of growth and changes.

We will take on the role of an in-house accounting department, from bookkeeping to CFO.

For a fraction of the cost.

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