Every cloud has a silver lining

Every cloud does have a silver lining and that’s all we should focus on when we see a cloud on the horizon.
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Why you need a lighthouse, or two, in your life – or better yet become one

Lighthouses have been around for a very long time; and even though they are not necessarily manned by lighthouse keepers anymore, they are still used to guide ships at sea or warn them of danger.
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Cash is king – and always will be

Cash, or whatever crypto currency the future holds, is what makes the world go around. One of the major reasons for new businesses failing is poor cash management. It takes money to make money and there is nothing trickier when you first start out.
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Is your accountant on the endangered species list?

Have you heard from your accountant lately? Chances are that you’ll find them busy, buried under mountains of receipts as they work to post them manually into an old-school desktop software.
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