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John and Maria Soderlund

Meet Maria & John Soderlund

We started Fortitude² because we believe that your accountant should provide you with much more than bookkeeping and financial statements. Rapidly advancing technologies are changing the profession and the services accountants traditionally provide. New skillsets are needed to be able to provide clients with all the tools necessary to successfully grow their businesses. We have the passion for new technology coupled with the expertise and experience to do just that.


Maria has been involved in everything from public accounting to private industry and has over 10 years of experience as a business owner. She thrives on solving problems and has a knack for analyzing the issue at hand and coming up with solutions. Her inquisitive and curious mind will promote asking the right questions – and there will be many – for a full understanding of any situation. Maria has quite the attention to detail and won’t rest until she solves whatever problem she is faced with. When she is not analyzing financials, you will find her swimming, biking, or running in the beautiful Okanagan.

“Best part of my job is to help my clients decipher the numbers and turn them into meaningful information. I am always in the search for a better way and I do love a clean set of books. That’s where it all starts. Insight and intelligence are only as good as the data you are basing it on. My love for learning also allows me to constantly gain new knowledge and a full understanding of my clients. “
  ~ Maria Soderlund


John’s enthusiasm to tackle the seemingly impossible is a common thread in his life and career. He has helped grow several start-ups and guided his US manufacturing company through the 2008-2009 recession only for it to come out stronger on the other side. John’s vision and strategic thinking have been instrumental to his success and he is excited to be able to share this with his clients. He also has an uncanny intuition for numbers. In his spare time, you will likely find him shredding one of the local mountain bike trails.

“I have always enjoyed taking on challenges and coming up with solutions by thinking outside of the box. What really excites me is how technology has, and will continue, to rapidly change how business is done. I firmly believe that early adoption of new technologies will lead to much greater gains than late adoption, no matter how scary it seems.”
  ~ John Soderlund

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